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Lawrence Fine

Lawrence Fine

Lawrence is the Founder and President of FineSoccer.com, an extensive online soccer coaching resource visited and read by hundreds of thousands of players and coaches from all over the world. As part of the FineSoccer program, he has published six books on soccer coaching.

His active involvement in the United States soccer league has made him a favorite pick to speak at numerous soccer symposiums and conventions all over the country. Lawrence is also one of the Technical Consultants for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.

Lawrence has managed the practical applications of life strategies both in and out of the field. Years of coaching experience made him an outstanding choice for a Human Resource Consultant. He specializes in Time Management, Stress Management, Goal Setting and Long-Term Planning.

He is the president of Webbreez.com, a web design company. This is a natural recourse for him, after 10 years of working as a Computer Consultant, specializing in Robotic engineering and programming. Lawrence is currently focused on Internet security for children, and has a book on the subject released on April 2006.

Lawrence has published the following books:

  • Full Season Training Program
  • SoccerAtEase
  • The FineSoccer Way to Coaching 9-12 Year Olds
  • 180 Games, Exercises, Drills and Activities from FineSoccer
  • The Soccer Newsletter Archives from FineSoccer
  • The Goalkeeping Newsletter Archives from FineSoccer
  • Soccer 101 for Parents
  • Online Lockout
  • Discover Charleston West Virginia
  • Online Lockout